Formula 1 Teams
      Formula One has been Ferrari.... for the last few seasons. Williams Honda, McLaren Mercedes, Camel Lotus and others dominated in their era. BMW, Jaguar, and now Toyota await a turn at the top !!    F1 is the reason speed cost money, as the Arrows, Prost and Stewart Grand Prix teams learned in the past few seasons. Michael Schumacher is the six time Formula 1 driving champion. Ayrton Senna might have been. Alain Prost, Nelson Piquet,David Coulthard, Damon Hill and others had their moments at the podium. Nigel Mansell won his share, would always "smile" for the camera and liked our stories of escapes to Florida, USA so much.... he moved the family for a while. The F1 circus has the newest, lightest, strongest, high technology, but is really about the personalities. Bernie and his rules, Jackie Stewart, Ken Tyrell and Eddie Jordan put their "face" on the team, the new "hot-shoe", the aging "star", contract renewals, juggling the travel schedule. Who would have ever thought the Formula One broadcast would beam to the world "live" from Shanghai China?!? or Sakhir, Bahrain. Formula One. It's a psychology degree, a geography lesson and the pinnacle of motorsports achievement. F1 is also the reason we eat really bad food, get no sleep, argue with airport security about X-raying our film, and fly off to every corner of the globe on faux-luxury tinbox "state airlines". We wouldn't have it any other way.
Nigel Mansell Ferrari Damon Hill Williams Damon Hill Williams
Damon Hill Exile Stewart Grand Prix BAR Honda F1
Nigel Mansell Lotus Jordan Grand Prix BAR Lucky Strike/555
Prost F1 team Alain Prost Ferrari Ferrari steering pod
David Coulthard Benetton F1 Benetton F1
Arrows Grand Prix Jaguar F1 Williams Grand Prix
Ferrari Fan Banner Tyrell Jackie Stewart Arrows Grand Prix
McLaren F1 Williams Grand Prix US Grand Prix-Indy
Malasian Grand Prix Ayrton Senna Lotus Benetton Formula 1
Ayrton Senna McLaren Monaco Grand Prix Spa Francorchamps
Formula 1 Tyres Nigel Mansell Ferrari Nelson Piquet Lotus
Damon Hill Jordan Williams Grand Prix Prost F1 Team
Jordan Grand Prix Jean Alesi wins Prost taxis Senna
Alain Prost wins McLaren Wins Nigel Mansell wins


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