Places to see
     Sometimes we stand very still and just look. There is beauty in Washington DC at dawn or Ayers Rock, Australia at dusk. Sesame Street, the Grand Old Opry and the circus, are all the "greatest show". Olympic stadiums are quiet at dawn and so are the Space Shuttles. Disney Birthday cakes are as large as a castle. Playing the "red 6" never works for us in Las Vegas. STAR WARS is a fantasy future, the ruins and Pyramids are real history. Keep your eyes open. You may only pass this way once.  
Lincoln Memorial - DC Jefferson Memorial Fireworks over DC
White House -DC Washington Monument Vietnam Memorial
Famous "round room" WH Reception Hall Marine One approach
Disney Birthday Cake Walt Disney/Mickey Statue of Liberty
Ayers Rock Australia Sydney Harbor, Australia Millenium Fireworks
Paris in Las Vegas Luxor-Las Vegas Stardust-Las Vegas
Fremont Street-Vegas Olympic Rings Statue Atlanta Olympic Field
Big Ben London(UK) London (UK) Bridge Queen's Royal Guard
Scotland Lighthouse Artic Circle Shuttle Columbia
Eiffel Tower Louvre Museum Notre Dame
Sun Records Memphis Electric Lady Studios STAR WARS film set
Tunisia Ruins Solar Eclipse Ferrari factory
Pyramids/Giza Egypt Dolphin Research Acropolis Ruins
Penguins VectorInter.Net Casino Grand Isle
Sesame Street Ringling Bros Grand Old Opry


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